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Begonia Poster

West End Cultural Center Posters

Design 4

For this project we were tasked with creating two posters for album releases, that encapsulated the spirit and audience of the acts. Begonia is an up and coming pop artist, and William Prince is an established country music artist. While matching the individual tone of the artists we were also challenged to make the posters feel like they were part of a series.

William Prince poster

For the Begonia poster, I manipulated the type using a scanner, digitized it then refining it in illustrator, and paring it with a boxed in grid to provide necessary hierarchy.

The William Prince poster features an original digital illustration made in Adobe Illustrator. With the illustration reflecting the mysticism and darkness often found in
country music.

Begonia Poster
Begonia Poster Close-up Detail
William Prince Poster Close-up Detail
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