Aidan Ian Wilson Portfolio


A headshot of Aidan

Aidan Ian Wilson is a Graphic Designer

Among the many things I am, fore most I’m a graphic designer with deep seated love of motion.  I’ve just completed the Communications Design program at Red River. Previously I had graduated the Graphic Design program. My journey through these programs has reaffirmed a belief in using design to elevate stories and voices that need to be heard. Over the best year I’ve dived deeper into my love of filmmaking and animation while taking a particular shine to Motion Design. There’s a particular explosion of joy I get when something I’ve animated starts moving, the work takes on a life of its own and exceeds the confines of the screen.  

Outside of my creative pursuits, I harbour a deep love of basketball from playing it to watching it. It is perhaps only rivalled by my love of comic books and film. 

ID #Project NameSkills UsedFormat
P-02BahrainConcept & Typeface DesignFont
P-15Criterion Channel ExplainerMotion Graphics & StoryboardingVideo
P-23Drive to SurviveVisual Identity & Motion GraphicsVideo & Logomark
P-42Bike DumpBranding & Motion GraphicsPoster & Video
P-77Pulp ApparelMotion, Illustration, & MarketingShirts & Video
P-27Demo ReelMotion GraphicsVideo
ID #Project NameFormat
P-15Criterion ExplainerVideo
P-23Drive to SurviveVideo & Logomark
P-42Bike DumpPoster & Video
P-77Pulp ApparelShirts & Video
P-27Demo ReelVideo