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Brew Tea

Brew Tea Cover

Brew Tea Catalogue


Concept Development, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Storyboarding, and Voiceover

This piece was created as a proposed explainer video that introduces and explains what the benefits and services that the Criterion Channel provides. There was specific consideration taken for the transitions in this video in order to highlight the services deep connections to film history, classical wipes and fades were employed

Brew Tea Interior
Brew Tea Catalogue Interiors
ID #Project NameSkills UsedFormat
P-02BahrainConcept & Typeface DesignFont
P-15Criterion Channel ExplainerMotion Graphics & StoryboardingVideo
P-23Drive to SurviveVisual Identity & Motion GraphicsVideo & Logomark
P-42Bike DumpBranding & Motion GraphicsPoster & Video
P-77Pulp ApparelMotion, Illustration, & MarketingShirts & Video
P-27Demo ReelMotion GraphicsVideo
ID #Project NameFormat
P-15Criterion ExplainerVideo
P-23Drive to SurviveVideo & Logomark
P-42Bike DumpPoster & Video
P-77Pulp ApparelShirts & Video
P-27Demo ReelVideo