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Pulp Apparel

Illustration of an orange

Pulp Apparel


Branding, Concept Development, Illustration, and Motion Graphics

Pulp Apparel is the largest project I took on this year and easily the most rewarding. It started out as a project in my mentorship course where I would create a promo video for an initially fictional apparel line that was centred around an alias that I had used since high school. I used this project as a place to play around and explore motion graphics as well as illustration styles. When I picked up this project again in second semester, I decided to make this apparel line a reality and worked on creating another promo video and selecting shirts that I felt represented my personality.

Pulp apparel promo card
ID #Project NameSkills UsedFormat
P-02BahrainConcept & Typeface DesignFont
P-15Criterion Channel ExplainerMotion Graphics & StoryboardingVideo
P-23Drive to SurviveVisual Identity & Motion GraphicsVideo & Logomark
P-42Bike DumpBranding & Motion GraphicsPoster & Video
P-77Pulp ApparelMotion, Illustration, & MarketingShirts & Video
P-27Demo ReelMotion GraphicsVideo
ID #Project NameFormat
P-15Criterion ExplainerVideo
P-23Drive to SurviveVideo & Logomark
P-42Bike DumpPoster & Video
P-77Pulp ApparelShirts & Video
P-27Demo ReelVideo